I like to take stuff apart and sometimes reassemble it.


You can see that this is a brand new site and I am still learning how to build a website.  I am very interested in trading one of my crafty creations for web tutoring.  Contact me if that interests you at FranCo@Crafthack.com This would only work if you live in the SF bay area.

I like to find new uses for things.  I like to take things apart and sometimes I put them back together in unintended ways.

Stuff I have made

                                              Fish Hats                                                                           

Tote bags made from advertising vinyl


  Arm Warmers

$15 for most pairs.   Contact me at Franco@crafthack.com

still to come:  scarf-hoods, fish hats, one pair of jeans converted to jacket, jacket converted to messenger bag,

Project tutorials

Bug -Cell-Phone Holder